The grandaddy trail of them all, the Appalachian Trail, runs the entire length of northwest Connecticut, starting in Sherman, and ends in Sages Ravine at the Massachusetts border. Each section is individual in character and steepness, and all of them are lovely.

connecticut-tours-24The big thing is to realistically judge your physical capabilities, endurance and available time. The AT runs atop ridge lines, and it descends frequently to cross roads. It is steep in many places, and other sections are level.  We will recommend the perfect section of  trail for your needs.

The joy of having a driver-guide is that you can hike straight through and be picked up on the far end of your trail – you don’t have to see the same trail and sights twice by walking back to the same parking spot where you left your car.

“The waterfalls he took us to we would never have been able to find or explore on our own.  Loved Stone Church.  We were prepared to get wet!” – Nick and Jessica G


If you want us to accompany you, or trail behind you, we know the way. If you want to explore on your own, we will give you a detailed map of your exact trail segment to make you comfortable. If you want our company at any of your stops, we will meet you there and cook you a wonderful hot breakfast or lunch at a vista or stop of your choice.

As to what you should bring with you, we will email this to you in a packet when you book us, but for now, IMPORTANT – your boots should be well broken in! Wear your new boots for a month before you get on the trail.

We found out the hard way, years ago, that the stock AT CT trail map is not particularly to scale – email us before you commit to a hiking plan! For planning purposes, assume that even though you can walk three miles an hour in the city, you will be lucky to get one mph on many sections of trail here, and only two mph on the others. The good news is that the air is fresh and clean, and the exercise is fun, and you will have memorable pictures at the end of the day.

Not Just Another Walk in the Woods