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The cost for our tours is simply calculated, and extraordinarily reasonable. All our tours are full day priced. We will meet you as early as you want at the Wingdale train station, and take you to all the places you want during a very full day, and return you to the station that evening for the price of $200. If you bring three other people, the price per person is comes out to $50 per person. It doesn’t get more reasonable than that. We pay for the gas. We provide a picnic lunch at no additional cost. The conversation is free.


If you want to stay overnight, we will take you to the lodging of your choice, and pick you up the next morning to resume your weekend vacation, and after your second full day of fun, drop you off at the Wingdale station. The price for the two days, and driving service for lodging and dining, is $400. Again, if you brought another couple, or three friends, you can split the cost among you. Hotels and restaurant reservations and payment, are your responsibility.  Please see the contact info under “Dining and Lodging.”

IMPORTANT ! We are a small company – we provide top-flight service with dedicated guides, and we do not want to hire summer help. Weekends in the summer, and in October, book up well ahead of time, and a few weekends this year are already booked for summer and fall. We are VERY sorry if we can’t get to you when you want, and we hope you understand. We do not want to run a big company.

Kindly note your reservation is not complete without a $75 deposit, refundable up to 24 hours before your arrival.  Please mail the deposit check to Rolling River, 25 North Main Street, Unit 4, Kent, CT 06757, or call in your credit card to Rolling River at 860-927-3100 during business hours, Wed-Sun.

Don’t worry, we will wait for your deposit.  When you block out your time on the calendar below, it shows up with us as “pending” and we confirm it when your deposit arrives.   The only reason we ask for a deposit (we didn’t used to) is so we don’t arrive at the train station forlornly looking for you only to find out you changed plans without telling us.   Certainly rain forecasts are a good reason to cancel, but do us the courtesy of confirming the cancellation by sending us an email.  At that point we will mail your deposit back, or credit your credit card for it.   Thanks!

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