Connecticut Country Tours

DESIGNED FOR NEW YORKERS WITHOUT CARS – Take the train from the city – we meet you at wingdale station

Hiking • Waterfalls • Rock Climbing • Quiet Walks • Covered Bridges • Wildlife Viewing
Appalachian Trail • Sailing • Fall Colors • Swimming • Kayaking • Bicycling • Antique Stores
Golfing • Vineyards and Wines • Fly Fishing • Dory Fishing Expeditions
Photo Safaris • Skiing • Cross Country Skiing

“BooBoo” – Who Visits Us Once A Month

Are you stuck in the City? Too hot in the summer? Feeling closed in? Need a waterfall and quiet woods?  Do you want a day or a weekend catered to exactly what YOU want to do? Don’t want to get on a bus? Don’t want to stand in lines with a tour group and wait for the late guy? Don’t want to hang around with strangers? Want to pick your own activities? Want to be with your people? We are the answer for car-challenged New Yorkers! Connecticut Country Tours, LLC, is your affordable personal tour guide. We offer tours for individuals, couples, and families (up to four people).

Jim At The Appalachian Trail, west of Kent

Your day, weekend or vacation in the country is as close as Grand Central Station! Let us pick you up at the Wingdale Metro North train station after your 90 minute train ride, and squire you to the most beautiful, most scenic, and most hidden sights in our mountains and little New England towns.

Take the train – you don’t have to worry about parking, traffic delays, gas costs, wasted time, and most importantly, lack of knowledge and disappointing choices regarding places and things to do. Your vacation starts when you get on the train, relax with your hot coffee, open your book or listen to your tunes!

We know and take you to the best places for outdoor activities – some hidden, some unknown to visitors, that will best appeal to your interests – the special, magical places that you simply won’t find.

Our price of $200 per day for up to four people is ridiculously affordable, especially since we can loan you the kayaks, bicycles, and lots of other equipment you need for your activity, at no additional cost. This  puts you on the trail or lakes instead of in rental stores and spending hundreds of dollars in rental fees and deposits.

Karen On An Overnight On The AT above Kent, CT.

We are client driven – we don’t just take you to set places. Read on for your custom choices – You want to hike, swim, or find a secret meadow or waterfall with your better half, be left alone, kayak, sail, walk on a country road past ancient homes, walk through the vineyards and go wine tasting, go rock climbing, see the covered bridges, dine at a fine country inn, bike around a blue lake and swim afterward, go antiquing at the most reasonable stores, see the beautiful colors in the fall, pick out your pumpkin on a farm, see wildlife, go on a photo safari, play golf, tour a firehouse, sit by a private waterfall with a bottle of wine, cheese and bread, take your kids through a corn maze, see a farm, attend a country fair or concert, or jazz festival, and above all, enjoy the fresh air, the peace and quiet, and the country life before you start another hot and hectic work week – we can offer it all.

Here’s all it takes to make your perfect weekend happen: Just email us and tell us your interests –  what do you want to do and how much time you have. We have great recommendations for you. Reserve your day with us, then just go to Grand Central, and we will take it from there!  See the detailed train instructions under that tab above.

Drop us an email or Call Jim at 860-619-8060 anytime to talk about events and activities, and to schedule your time in advance.  We’ll see you here!

Not Just Another Walk in the Woods