Housatonic Kayaking – Falls Village down to Kent

Hi all – for most of the summer, it was too dry to make this trip, and my vacationers had to settle for kayaking on Lake Waramaug, and I took a few to Satan’s at Farmington, since the inner tubes were still okay.   My guest kayaks are plastic, and I didn’t want to leave red plastic all over the rocks!  Once you hole a kayak, it has to be refilled with epoxy and carbon strips.   The good news is that our kayaks are unsinkable, as there are air bags in the back and front.  So we had to say no to about twenty groups that dearly wanted to kayak with mild currents.    However, they found a lot of fun in dunking under the waterfalls and swimming at Falls Village and Dover.  My friend Greg, a fishing guide, said his dory could get down the river sometimes when I couldn’t , and it was hole-proof.

In late July, I tore my left knee meniscus, and a torn fragment lodged in the joint.  So it was off to arthroscopic clean out,  and so far, it is as good as new.  I had to stay off the climbs and just cheer from waypoints.   It was fun to cook lunch on the tailgate when people came off the trail.

The fall colors have turned out to be spectacular.  I thought the dry summer would just end up turning the leaves brown, but it has been glorious.  It’s like a fireworks show every time you turn a corner on a trail.    I would say we are past peak now, but there are still some fabulous colors to be seen.

Thanks to all who enjoyed your time with us this summer and fall !  Now we can start to prepare for cross country skiing tours.    Jim