Hi everyone, especially our former adventurers.  In a few weeks, the weather will be ready for everyone who is itching to start exploring, hiking, kayaking, and biking.  We’ve been in Florida for a few months, and we’re back in Kent for the rest of the year.  Karen’s antique store, Rolling River Antiques, is all stocked up for summer – beautiful things – check it out at rollingriverantiques.com.   Within the next three weeks, I will be walking the entire length of the Connecticut Appalachian Trail segment, on a day-here-and-there basis, just to get into shape for summer – I had a torn meniscis in one knee and had it scraped out – it needs a lot of repetitions to dial in again.    Anyone who wants to hike for a day or two can take the train from NYC to Wingdale and we’ll pick you up.    Come on up and see us !   Jim and Karen Shaw