Welcome to Summer 2015

Hi  everyone !  Welcome to a new summer season in northwest Connecticut.   The lower waterfalls at Falls Village, above the kayak beach, are not accessible from the east roads due to the bridge being out.  You’ll have to come up from the south.  The kayaking is currently difficult on the Hoosie due to low water.  All kayaks are plastic, and after riding over rocks a dozen times, you’ll end up with JB Weld patches on the repeat scar marks when they leak.   The biking is fine around Waramaug.   Stop by the Hopkins Inn for lunch and stroll or bike through the vineyards.    This year, we are leaning toward providing an old fashioned New England experience.  For those who want to camp, we can recommend wonderful places where you can still get to town on foot, so to speak.

The through-hikers on the Appalachian Trail are passing through now in full force.  It’s nice to see people getting the most out of it – these hikers are pure muscle by the time they get this far north.

We just had a fire department rescue on the AT about three miles south of Rt. 341, on the ridge.  As an EMT, I had to hike up to the crest (about two empire state buildings worth), and treat and help carry down a very nice lady from the Bronx who was on her first hike.  She had a 50 pound backpack.  That combination isn’t ideal for the AT around here.  I hope that beginner hikers give me a shout by email and I can send them my hiking guide in terms of essentials and weight saving tips.  No cost, and big benefits.

The reservation system on the web page is proving to be difficult, for the simple reason that I am out all day taking folks to great places, and I forget to check it.  It would be best if interested outdoor people  just sent me an email to theshawfirm@optimum.net for a quick response.   I’m getting a lot of repeat customers this year who just sign up by email or phone, and I am neglecting to update the online board from time to time.  Do remember that I build the day around exactly what you want to do.

There is a new bear in our neighborhood, without red ear tags.   He was a cub last year, and he’s having a great time rolling around in our yard, fishing in our pond, and eating birdseed from our feeders.

One of our most popular destinations is actually across the NY border, in Dover.   Stone church is a great “cavern” waterfall and a nice little hike to get to.  We are also taking folks up to Lime Rock Raceway for the day.    We added GW Tavern in Washington to our list of favorite eateries to take customers to.

My tour business grew so much that I decided to not run for reelection as our assistant ambulance chief.  I also had to trim our own vacations to handle our customers.   But we do get to NYC once every couple of weeks; I like the opera at the Met, and the Roman wing at the MOA.  We also made it to Montreal in February on the train from Poughkeepsie.  What a cold place.  There were 2,000 underground mall stores so we could avoid the cold, but after the third store, we were bored, so we didn’t see the 1,997 rest of them.  Great French wine and restaurants in Old Montreal.

One last note – we won’t be around in January for ski tours because we bought a small home on a great salt water canal into Charlotte Harbor in Florida.   But we are around February for great cross country tours that end up at local lodges and pubs !

Be sure to visit Karen’s web page for her store – rollingriverantiques.com !   See you soon !